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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Rotten Morning Radio - Take 2

So, I'm driving The Littlest Fando to school today and the morning DJ we're listening to decides to tell a story about a party she had where tacky gifts are exchanged. The punch line is an air freshener with the scent of "Lick Me All Over."

Nothing starts a school day like the unexpected reference to "adult" novelties, does it? Must have been some do, that.

The gormless pillock should have known better. A punchline with the word "lick" in it is barely tolerable for this blog, much less a morning show that school families tune into. It adds further evidence to the theorem that most "entertainers," and I use the word very loosely where morning radio is concerned, have all the inhibitions of Madonna in a Ken Russell film.

Meanwhile, over on another station, one of the guests is trying out some standup material about the complexities of hotel dry cleaning. The morning hosts laugh so hard that, if not for their complete fakeness, I would have thought they having seizures. I'm sitting in the car not even cracking a smile and these two are rolling around in the studio acting as though they're going to wet themselves. The "joke-teller" laps it up in a way that a serious comic never would. The humour of morning radio is all too often, as Doug Henning used to say in his inimitable voice*, "Illuuuushhhion."

I immediately turn off the radio. Where'd I put that new Radiohead CD?

*Stew does a dead on impersonation of the late Henning. I mean, an impersonation of him before he passed on. Anyone can to the other sort if they've got the right moustache. Unfortunately, we don't have audio set up on this blog. Also, Stew's appearances her of late have been only slightly more frequent than those of Sasquatch.

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