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Sunday, March 02, 2008

One Obscene Turn Deserves Another, I Suppose

A Pennsylvania couple have responded to a Federal Aviation Administration decision to allow aeroplanes to fly over their neighborhood, with a rooftop sign telling the FAA exactly how they feel.

The FAA has responded by telling airlines that landing planes could do waste drops over the specific address.

No, I'm only kidding. Even the FAA couldn't get away with that. Instead, the pilots just flip the bird back at the couple and rev the engines as they roar by.

"It's pretty funny watching them jump up and down on top of the roof, waving their tiny fists at us, and mouthing expletives," said one pilot, at the airport bar after a few too many. "They look like little angry ants from Warner Brothers cartoons."

The couple have vowed to escalate the battle by having special giant-sized Wallbangers (TM) made of them "mooning" the planes. FAA officials privately fear that this might only increase flights over the home, especially by European carriers.

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