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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Yes, It WAS the Last Chapter

I see ole Excremando is trying to defy people's last chapters again. He did the same thing to George Takei, and you see how George Takei put a stop to that sort of behavior. If you are not already familiar with the story, as well you should be, it goes like this:

In 1984, George Takei starred in a pilot for an NBC sitcom called "Hikaru's Last Chapter," about a man with a terminal vein condition who moves into a nursing home and learns to love again when he meets a kindly old lady with a mysterious past, played by the late, great Bea Arthur. Well, as we learn at the end of the pilot, the mysterious past of this mystery woman is that she once married a horse and fought in the civil war, but not on the side of the Union or the Confederacy. Instead, she fought for a third faction called the Nor'Eastern Horse Brigade. When George Takei finds this out, he ends the pilot with the punch line, "Never trust a lady, never trust a horse, and never, never, never trust a lady horse." Oh, the laughter.

But, as you might guess, Excremando, who at that time was a director of photography for the late, great sitcom producer, Norman Lear, argued with Mr. Takei that he could not film a pilot called "Last Chapter" because people would think the pilot was the last episode (which, technically, it was). And, of course, this led to a violent tirade from George Takei, who destroyed the set, went on a rampage down the hall, started a fire on the bathroom set of "Maude," and tried to stab Jamie Farr with a plastic spoon in the commissary. The network had to call in William Shatner from the set of "T.J. Hooker" to subdue Mr. Takei using his patented sleeper hold and a lullaby.

Well, Excremando would like to think we have all forgotten about that incident, so he can now defy last chapters again with impunity, but NO Earl Reginald Fando, I remember how you started the ticking time bomb that is George Takei down the road to ruin. I remember! So, having said my piece, I present you with a Cakey cartoon.

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