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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Twitter Lowdown

I'm trying to finish a rather long post regarding an experience in Boston this summer. It's quite taxing, so in the meantime, here are a few recent less-taxing tweets to occupy you. Cheers.

  • Rick-Roll-Bot #badrobotnames
  • Phlegmbots #badrobotnames
  • The Emasculator 9000 #badrobotnames
  • There are Snuggies for pets now. This is just in case you haven't humiliated them enough with the little knit sweaters.
  • One thing Disney and Warner Bros. cartoons have taught me: Ducks are even lower on the social scale than rodents.
  • Watched @Lileks video on flu avoidance hygeine. http://bit.ly/ntAWW Later spent 40 minutes trying to get out of a public lavatory.
  • Wondering if NBC is interested in a weekend variety series. - Jay Leno #celebrityflashforward
  • My acting coach is getting treated for depression, again. I did not hit her. I did not. - Tommy Wiseau. #celebrityflashforward
  • I am wearing a strange white infidel jacket that ties in the back. - Mahmoud Ahmadinejad #celebrityflashforward
  • Walking past the dog pound and pet stores at night, getting cold sweats. - Michael Vick #celebrityflashforward
  • I'm eating the biggest damn pizza you've ever seen and Steadman's crying, again! - Oprah Winfrey #celebrityflashforward
  • The worst possible situation to be in during a "flash forward": Skydiver.
  • The Qaddafi speech reportedly started late because the UN couldn't find someone to translate "Weasel."
  • I just realised "The Rake's Progress" wasn't about getting leaves off of your lawn.
  • Most popular green job? Leprechaun impersonator.

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