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Monday, February 22, 2010

Olympic Update

In today's Winter Olympics update we look at a couple of faux paus sticken performances from Vancouver. The first involves the Russian Ice Dancing duo of Oksana Domnina and Maxim Shabalin whose Aboriginal themed dance drew the ire of local Aboriginal leaders and those from their home country.

Canadian aboriginal leader Ugulu "Moosebite" Shaw took great offense at the aboriginal garb and outdated face paint. "I mean, come on eh, what year do these hosers think it is, 1997? We stopped wearing that sort of thing ages ago, and I mean, you could freeze your keister off this time of year in a get up like that. The face paint is ridiculous, that stuff would be smeared off after one visit to Tim Hortons."

In a posting to their Twitter account the National Canadian Aboriginal Association wrote,

"Don't miss any of the Big Monday action as UConn takes on..."
whoops sorry, wrong NCAA,

"What a bunch of Russian keener's eh, FWIW we at the NCAA must say FTL because
IOX it is a bunch of hockey pucks. We are raising a protest with the IOC board of governors and will be sure to let them know"

The next tweet was something about an ice fishing tournament sponsored by Molson in Skagway. Needless to say other skaters were on their watch keenly aware that all eyes were on them awaiting another slight against a people group. Stay tuned tomorrow for updates on Johnny Weir's Al Jolson inspired routine.

In other news from the games, the Denmark curling team will potentially lodge a protest over the Canadian fans' rowdy behaviour during their latest match. "It is with abject horror that I watched the latest match between our women's curling team and the side from Canada," said Lord Stonely of Swishingdon head of Denmark's curling alliance. "Do these savages not understand that curling is a gentleman's game." When reached for comment Ted Wilson with the Canadian curling alliance took things in stride, "Somebody tell old Swishy to get a life eh. I realize he is a hero of some elderly renown, I mean h.o.s.e.r, but he needs to understand when you've got 5000 Molson swilling Canucks at a sporting event... I mean come on."

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Blogger Earl Fando said...

Stew Miller is back on the block. I'm still rubbing my eyes in amazement. Welcome back, old friend.

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