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Sunday, March 07, 2010

Live Tweeting the Oscars

As longtime readers of this blog know, in the past we've live blogged the event.  Unfortunately, Blogger's "security" settings locked us out of our own blog one year, because we were posting so regularly it interpreted the posts as spam. Because, no one would actually do something so strange as live-blog a global event, right?

I have no idea if the "security" setting has ever been corrected by Blogger. (They never responded to the several e-mails I sent them.  I think their support department is currently being manned by gibbons and chipmunks.) So, tonight I will be joining the throngs of Twits on Twitter offering our various takes on this most excessive of Hollywood celebrations.

I'll be @earlfando if you want the silly point of view. I feel that perspective best fits the event. I've no idea if Stew or Nuffy will be on.  If @cakeyclown shows up, you can get the angry, demented clown point of view, which is very, very close to that of many of the actual Oscar participants.

Hope to see you there!

Update: Stew is tweeting also.  It's an Oscar Party!

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