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Saturday, January 22, 2005

What is it with these persons

Hollywood is foisting another one of those ideas which is being clearly deceptive, one of those things where you know they are somewhere with the big money rolling around in a pile of the golden coins saying the thing like, "We have collected $8 from every person in the world to see our newest idea." That is the way of which Hollywood is always working at trying to get into the pocket part of our wallets. What is this newest idea, you might probably at this point be willing to allow me to ask myself, what is the newest fraud of which they will try to get our money for cheap? Is it a new Pauley Shore movie, please Creator forbid it? Well, yes, they are doing that (http://www.paulyshoreisdead.com), but that is not what this article is about. Is it the return of Capulina, the Mexican comedian most funny of all time (http://www.santostreet.com/posterpix/capmonstOS.jpg)? Sadly, no. What, then, you might allow me to ask myself at this point, are you trying to get at here, Mr. Carlos Vega? You might also add that you only have patience for one more paragraph of this sorts of poorly English writing. There four, one more paragraph you get.

The problem I am referring of which to is this process in Hollywood where real actors are replaced with special effect phony actors that are foisted upon the screens of your favorite movies and mine in the guise of being real persons. No, I refer not to Jar Jar Binks. Indeed, friends and neighbors, I have it on the authority that is good that Jar Jar Binks of Star Wars infamy was in fact a real person named Horace Powderton Brinkley. They were just putting some orange style make-up on the face of him and make him to talk like the woman and nance about in the fruity fashion. No, what I am talking about is this thing they are calling Danny Devito. They will put in this special effect call the Danny Devito in the otherwise classic film like "Twins" and "Batman Returns" and pretend that it is really an actor person, but if you are on the inside in the know, it can be safely pointed out that Danny Devito is, in fact, an ostrich egg with little shoes glued to the bottom. Do you need proof? Check out www.jskldywhngmd.gov/proof/devito/truth.html or something like to that effect. Maybe that link don't working no more, but it should. Yes, Danny Devito is an ostrich egg with shoes on the bottom and not a real actor, safely I can say to you. So beware of this lie from Hollywood, and please write a letter to someone who might do something about this, I don't know who.


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