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Monday, February 14, 2005

The Canadians and sport

Reading Earl's post just now makes us wonder how the Canadians are taking the news. Are they crying in their Labatts or Mooseheads? Are they saying to themselves; "at least we still have curling"? Are they checking on the schedule for Ice Capades? Maybe they are keeping up with the latest news out of the Canadian Football League. Something tells me that Emmitt Smith's retirement got more news play north of the border than Mike Pringle's got in the US.

Emmitt will now enjoy sitting in whatever network sports booth making the occasional color commentary and retelling stories from one of his three Super Bowl victories. Mike will enjoy a lifetime supply of back bacon and the occasional Tim Horton's endorsement. Emmitt will probably be a first ballot NFL Hall of Fame inductee joining the likes of Jim Brown, Vince Lombardi, WalterPayton, Roger Staubach, and Johnny Unitas. Mike will undoubtedly make his way into the pantheon of CFL legends like Tommy Joe Coffey, Don Warrington, and Frank "Pop" Ivy.

At least they still have curling.


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