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Friday, February 11, 2005

We've Got Mail!

Well, it's happened at last! One of our many (5) readers has finally mailed us. Someone is trying to make contact. Thank you Marchelle! The text of her engaging letter is below:

"Warehouse Priice MEDs (brand new)Disceeretly shiip to ur door in 3-5 days
max via UPSViicodiin, Viiaagra, Codeiine, Cia1iis, C1onazepam, C1onazepam,
Meridiia minute, Lipiitor, F1exiril, Sooma, Zo1oft, Ambiien, Ce1ebrex,
Tramaadol, U1tram, Nexiium & many more high demaning meds never."

It seems to be some sort of poem. It's a strange one though, no iambic pentameter, or iambs at all for that matter. I don't think those are trochees... Also, I think Marchelle is taking a lot of these drugs herself, because they've drastically affected her spelling. "Shiip" Marchelle? "Codeiine" is spelled with one "i" dear. That's what you get for taking drugs that divert the supply of blood away from your brain!

I tried to e-mail Marchelle back but for some strange reason the mail won't go through. I hope the narcs haven't caught up with her! She's the only fan mail we've got so far. Anyway, thank you again Marchelle and please write again soon!


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