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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Bad Possible Product Names

I was mulling over Super Bowl ads and Stew's recent post and thought, it could be much worse. How bad you ask? Here are some product names I'm glad we didn't see on Super Bowl Sunday or anywhere else for that matter:

  1. Squirts Cola
  2. Cadaver Brand Air Freshener
  3. Breach Condoms
  4. Trump Chocolate Mousse
  5. The New Chevy Rollover (Substitute Ford, VW, etc.)
  6. Sting Aftershave
  7. Windy Bottoms Block Cheese (Comes in Limburger and Limburger Blue)
  8. Hurl Toothpaste
  9. Cheech-toes
  10. Blisterine
  11. Squint Eye Drops
  12. Chum Brand Chunky Tuna


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