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Saturday, February 05, 2005

New TV for the Generation that is New

TV is becoming like the biscuit that got a little too moist and then was leaved to sit on a cupboard shelf for the month, which is to say having gone rotten. Have you watched some of this what they are saying is Reality TV? I saw this one show where the fat celebrity are supposed to lose weight in one months time or be fed to the hippo at the Cleveland Zoo. Yes, more amazing to my eyes was the presence on that show of not only Biz Markie but an actual, live Baldwin. I think it was Horatio Baldwin, the most fabled fifth brother, who starred with ostrich egg...excuse me, Danny Devito, in that movie "Once More for the City," about a egg that comes to life and fall in love with a ugly man and go into the city to become a reporter for a major metropolitan newspaper called "The Daily Scrimmage." It was the so beautiful movie, actually, when that egg fall off a wall and crack open, that Baldwin tenderly tape him back together with duck's tape and carry him through the factory and off into the sunset. Anyway, Horatio Baldwin is now the older man with big stomach, and he on this show with Biz Markie trying to lose the weight in one month's time in the hopes that Biz get throwed to hippo. What a kind of a stupid show they are putting on the public!

So I have decided that the greatest idea for me to do to save television for once and for all is to start a new channel with a new level of higher entertainment value. I call it Jorge Carlito Viejo Television, JCVTV, and we will have only high quality shows. No more of this sort of, how you say, garbage shows like every other TV channel. I am open to suggestions. Right now I only have one idea. I call it "Carlito Saving Lives." It is about this tall man name Carlito who has the special power to be able to shoot rays of purest light from his toes. If someone gets touched by the purest light ray, they are saved from evil villains. So some old lady might be getting robbed in the alleyways of the night, and Carlito appear from the rooftop and shoots the ray of pure light into the alley. Then the villain dissolve, screaming, and old lady run away saved. And she will shout, "Thank you Carlito. You saving lives." because that is catchphrase of the show.

Anyway, more ideas for this channel are accepable. And good day to you all.`56=-


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