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Friday, February 04, 2005

Friday - Not a Posty Day!

OK - It's 11:52 now and not a single post from any of our acknowledged participants (Misters Fiforg and Jose will be hearing from me about the actual participation part.)

11:54 and nothing. Stew's computer is on the fritz. Juan Carlos is surely doing a night shoot for some new Waste of Time Production.

It's been quite a day. Day job (what you thought we get paid for doing this? Would that someone make that dream come true! By you I mean anyone who happened to stumble across this.)

11:56 - there must be a Friday post. I cannot let a day go by. It must be done. (Mutters old Yul Brynner bit from "the Ten Commandments".

11:57 now - cutting it close. Too many typos and corrections. Nearly 11:58. At least my PC clock is fast.

This isn't really funny I know but there is a certain manic-obessiveness to it. 11:59 approaching.

Send it man! Send it!


OK - I had added a bunch of fairly obsessive stuff, 1ncluding a fairly innocent use of the word "titter", and culminating in the blogs first William Shatner references (which no self-respecting comedy blog should be without for long, be they Trek, Hooker, The Transfigured Man, or "sabotage"...this will have to do for the honors I'm afraid). Trying to be clever I thought I'd throw a few links to absurd blogs in just for fun and went looking. Unfortunately I came across one, I will remember the sparkling pink lips forever now as they are burned into my brain. This blog had a bit of code worked in it that immediately thrust a window up demanding that I "upgrade" Internet Explorer. No escaping it, no exiting out of the window, just crap code in a pathetic attempt to get someone to download spyware or keystroke copying software on to their machine. Highly illegal and the mark of a cretinous hack of a blogger.

I'm not saying every blog with sparkling lips is to blame here, but should I run across this particular blog again while "next blogging" (Can the people at Blogger take a little responsibility here and filter out these nitwits and criminals?) I can only promise a good verbal thrashing and specific identification of the nimrod git(s) who crashed my session.

This might be much funnier if I weren't so angry. I should set Cakey the Jacked-Up Clown on them. No, you really don't want to know who Cakey is, either of you.


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