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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Who Moved My Post?

(Actually, my post wasn't moved. Stew has got me hooked on the lists again. They're like comedy crack!)

One of the biggest phenomenon in business and management today is the "clever" book, symbolized by the mega-bestseller "Who Moved My Cheese?", which, of course, is about intrigue and good-ole' fashioned corporate backstabbing in the dairy industry.

So I expect to see the following titles targeted at various industries and populations any day now. (Blimey, I should write one! It would pay better than this blogging gig.)

  • "Who Sprinkled Parmesan on My Lasagna?" - by Chef Boyardee
  • "Who Left My Toilet Seat Up?" - by Gloria Steniem
  • "Who Erased My Hard Drive?" - by Bill Gates
  • "Who ****** My *****?" - by Insane Klown Posse
  • "Who Decided to Wear Fuschia with that Awful Paisley Sweatshirt?" - by Carson Kressley
  • "Who Moved My Moldy Cave?" - by Mullah Omar (I hope it tanks! Pun intended.)
  • "Who Leaked My Son's Kickback Scam?" - by Kofi Annan
  • "Who Moved My Pasty?" - by Janet Jackson
  • "Who Straightened My Hair?" - by Donald Trump
  • "Who Threw Something From the Stands? I'll Beat On You!" - by Ron Artest (forward by Latrell Spreewell)
  • "Who Ate My Sea Urchin Bisque'?" - by Iron Chef Japanese Masaharu Morimoto
  • "Who Moved the Bridge?" - by Ted Kennedy
  • "Which Guard Took Down My Decorative Wreath of Dried Macaroni that I Spent 3 Months Sneaking out of the Kitchen in My Shoes?" - by Martha Stewart
  • "Who Moved My Fleece?" - by Ken Lay
  • "Who Switched My Tape?" - by Ashlee Simpson
  • "Which Movie Am I Acting in This Week?" - by Owen Wilson


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