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Thursday, February 10, 2005

It's lonely at the top...bottom...wherever we are.

Well, I thought I was feeling isolated and ignored simply because our new reader traffic is right around nil (those 2 new visitors who stopped by today...God bless you, and no, this isn't a site about Lemony Snicket.) As it turns out, I feel that way because our authors are also ignoring me.

This will be my sixth straight post without a message from Stew or Juan Carlos. Zimpter won't return my e-mail anymore. Chico y Jose has (have?) ignored our blog invitation to join for about two weeks. I'm being blognored.

I'm not despondent though. With the Grammys upcoming and the Oscars right around the corner, I'm certain there will be plenty to blog about. Chris Rock is hosting the Oscars after all, so the "five-second delay" jokes can start pouring like milk and honey right away. I suppose if they get too worried the Oscar producers will just dub in some old Bill Cosby routines for that Godzilla movie look. Chris will know what's happening when he hears the producer in his head saying, "Could you do a little more comedic mugging through this segment, Chris? Also, say something about your family and Jello pudding."


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