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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Live Blog...Alone

Well, unless Juan Carlos is online right now, it's just me. Stew is having insurmountable network problems that are vaguely related to the spread of fascism in education. I won't say anymore than that. I'm on a laptop this evening instead of the usual PC, so expect more typos. For the 2 of you out there, keep checking in this evening. I'll be here as long as they're on.

Some early notes:

Barbara Walters is just coasting these days. The polite, fawning laughter. The embarrassingly probing questions. All relatively lax tonight, and yet Teri Hatcher cried like a little girl anyway. almost Pavlovian.

Jamie Foxx, nice guy, suspicious of gold diggers - aka Committment. Barbara actually asked how he was "keeping it real". It would sound cooler coming from my mother.

The red carpet interviewers - I don't know if it's just me or the fact that I'm doing this blog tonight, but these people seem more sycophantic and fawning than ever. These are interviewers that politicians would kill to have on the campaign trail. ("Excuse me President Bush, is Laura wearing Versace tonight.

One of them just said to Scarlet Johannson of walking the red carpet that "It's all about the dress." Yeccch. I guess Leonardo DeCaprio is an loser in her mind then, choosing to show up in a very classy suit.


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