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Monday, February 14, 2005

Some Valentine's highlights...

...and then right there in the elevator in front of us she put one foot on the ceiling, held up the handcuffs, and he did a somersault, making a noise like a Mazerati engine, and then they... No, it's not that kind of Valentine's Day highlight reel (or for those of you old enough, Madonna video). Just some odds and ends from today and last night.

  • As Stew's already reported, CFL all-time leading gridiron rusher Mike Pringle has retired. His reasons were sound enough, as he tearfully stated in a farewell press conference, "Now I'll have plenty to time to help Mom and Pop stuff all those little potato chips into those cans." Edmonton will now have to turn to young sensation Frit O. Lay for their ground game.
  • I was glancing at the cover of this month's Readers' Digest today and noticed the following blurb next to a picture of John Travolta: "His Passion for Flying High". Typical celebrity favoritism. Some people get roughed up by the FAA police for one miniature bottle of Glenlivet too many on a transcontinental flight (or so I've heard) and Mr. Big-Shot, Disco-Dancing, Movie Star can get in the cockpit totally baked. Maybe it's a Scientology thing?
  • The Grammys were on last night, but I, like so many others according to this Yahoo! article, wasn't watching. The brilliant Ray Charles won several awards posthumously, which ironically is the title of Green Day's next album. Record executives have to be worried when their premiere television event is outdrawn by Desperate Housewives (AKA Sex in the City PG-13 for Suburbanites, AKA Teri Hatcher's Working Again). Desperate television viewers is more like it. (Note the one actress on the website playfully nibbling her finger in that uniquely housewife-ish, come-hither manner. Obviously the mailmen on that block are in way over their heads. If milkmen were still in fashion the homogenized would curdle before it was on the doorstep. Also, note the apple and the snake, the suggestion of the sin and lust underneath the calm, domestic veneer...or does this mean that ABC is run by Satan? That would explain Wife Swap.) Oh, U2 played at the Grammys. I was sorry I missed that.
  • Christina Aguilera, as part of her conintuing friendly competition with Britney Spears, accepted a proposal of marriage. No word on whether she will be married in Vegas, divorced within 48 hours, and then remarried again at a later date.
  • Update: Apparently the article on Travolta was supposed to have had something to do with his passion for flying at high altitude. Sure it did...


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