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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Is that you Honorable Mr. Furley-San?

I was browsing Japan's NHK TV this evening (I say browsing because I only know one word in Japanese katakana) when I came upon what appears to be the Japanese version of Three's Company.

Now, one sneaky way to get a quick English translation on the WWW is to look at the titles of the web links or URLs for a page, because all URLs are in English/Roman Alphabet. The URL here is http://www.nhk.or.jp/hot/ Hot? You look at the picture and tell me. About as hot as the Guinness I'm sipping right now. (Brilliant! Sorry, I couldn't resist.)

Still, they are the perfect Japanese versions of (from left to right) Suzanne Somers, John Ritter, and the other one. (Really, she was cute, but can you think of her name, the poor wee lass?)

I think the title of the show translates to "Happy Bonzai Three-Way Living Arrangement with No Intimate Personal Relations between Roommates". If memory recalls, I think that was the exact TV Guide description of the first network airing of a Three's Company episode.

The strange thing is that Don Knotts plays Mr. Furley-san in this programme as well. He travels well, I'll say that for him.


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