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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Marshall, Will, and Holly on a routine expedition...

With word that Will Ferrell will star in an upcoming remake of the 70's Saturday morning hit Land of the Lost my mind harkens back to another story concerning Cha-Ka of the aforementioned program. The story relates how Rodney Sheppard of the band Sugar Ray had to 'fess up to not having been the hairy urchin (a.k.a. monkey boy) as he had listed in his biography on the band's website. Seems Phil Paley, who had donned the monkey suit and unappealing makeup, found it too much that he was not given credit, a dubious honor certainly. One has to wonder who was the more embarrassed by the whole incident. Be that as it may, we at DOUI have just completed exhaustive research to right the wrongs of misplaced '70s glory.

We must hereby let it be known that:

And last but not least, Ozzy Osbourne was not Captain Caveman.


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