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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Life, Liberty, and Hissing like a Snake

Stew, I was looking over the cast list for Land of the Lost that you sent and noticed that John Locke was listed as well. I was certain that the famed English philosopher had passed on in 1704, but this evidence (despite the fact that the credit lists him as "Jon Locke" - clearly a typo) proves that not only was the creator of the phrase "life, liberty, and property" the world's oldest living man, but that he was an abysmal actor.

The people playing the Sleestaks on that programme are horrible, stiff and lurching throughout each episode. Bill Laimbeer I could see doing that, but not as discerning and intelligent man as Locke. Clearly, his mind was still preoccupied with just governance and the consent of the governed during his takes.

One positive note is that he was credited as the Sleestak leader (of course). So at least we know that, despite their sluggish brutality, the Sleestaks lived in a democracy.


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