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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The Fresh Manfred

(Only on this blog could a mid-level UN functionary get so much attention...)

Anyway, I noticed from the AFP article Stew quoted that Manfred is a "rapporteur". This, of course, is French for "rapper" and sure enough, Manfred has an album coming out next week, courtesy of Virgin Records (Slogan: "If it's got a hot beat, you can bet it's a Virgin!").

I managed to locate a demo copy, which sounds remarkably like Run-DMC as if done by the current governor of California. An excerpt from the lyrics to one of the tracks is below. It can be rapped to just about anything with a steady 4/4 beat , including washboard and spoons, just like any other rap "song" on the face of the planet Earth.

"I Got to Gitmo, Gitmo"

by Manfred
(flute solo by Yanni)

I was sitting in my crib down in Vienna-town,
When my man Kofi called, he laid some business down.
He said he had some concerns about the US of A
And the prisoners they held down at Guantanamo Bay.
So I grabbed my Raiders jacket and my fanciest bling,
Climbed on Virgin Atlantic to do my United Nations thing.
I told the world I'd check out the joint lickety-split
And Donald Rumsfeld, "Geben Sie mir keine Lippe nicht"

I got to Gitmo, Gitmo, Gitmo evidence
So I can dis on, dis on, somebody's president.

Jessica Simpson had better watch out. The Oompa-Loompa from Austria is going to be moving up the charts like a Scud missile.


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