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Friday, June 24, 2005

Steamed Oprah

No it's not an unusual Irish entree' to plate with the Colcannon and bacon. Rather, Oprah Winfrey, star of daytime television and the occasional movie (so as to keep up the Oscar tickets) is angry with luxury store Hermes for not allowing her in to shop in their Paris boutique after the store had closed for the evening.

Let me repeat that. Oprah is mad because they did not allow her to come into shop AFTER THE STORE HAD CLOSED FOR THE EVENING. What's next, showing up at a swanky eatery at 3 a.m. and fuming because there was no one awake and there to whip up a plate of escargot and pate du foie gras to satisfy a late night craving? Arriving at Disneyland at 2 a.m. and sending Michael Eisner and Roy Disney nasty letters because Space Mountain wasn't open?

Hermes personnel responded that they had informed Ms. Winfrey that they were closed for a public relations meeting. Oprah's "best pal and traveling companion" (English translation: Hanger-on and/or lackey), Gayle King, said, "People were in the store and they were shopping. Oprah was at the door and she was not allowed into the store... It was one of the most humiliating moments of her life." Remember though that list apparently also includes David Letterman saying "Oprah, Uma..." at the Academy Awards. Lord knows Oprah's been through truly awful stuff in her youth, but apparently time and vast, uncountable piles of money skew one's perspective.

Her Majesty Oprah told Hermes that she would no longer do business with them and promptly cancelled the order of a purse as retribution against the firm. That'll show 'em.


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