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Thursday, June 23, 2005

She's not makin' license plates anymore...

The woman that can take a box of Rice-A-Roni and turn it into an elegant risotto is looking for a catchphrase. Martha Stewart, the ex-con, is taking over the reins of The Apprentice in September and wants an expression of finality to replace Trumps famous “You’re fired”. Always the ones to lend a hand we have thought up a top ten list, and again if Earl wants to expand and expound, please do.

10. “Don’t drop the soap.”

9. “You’ve missed the blue-light special.”

8.“You won’t need the fish fork.”

7. “I’ll have your legs broken.” (sorry, this what she said to Douglas Faneuil)

6. “Try the salmon mousse.”

5. “You're red wine at a fish fry."

4. “I’ll cut out her heart for ten packs of smokes.” (sorry again, this concerned a prison acquaintance)

3. “Try sellin’ towels at K-mart.”

2. “I've got an insider tip for ya, get lost.”

1. "The Queen is NOT amused."


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