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Friday, June 17, 2005

Danny DeVito is not going to like this...

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has come out with recommendations that booster seats are needed for anyone under the height of 4' 9". That's probably going to be news to a lot of parents whose children have been out of booster seats for quite awhile (including my own child who is still just shy of the magic height.) Parent: "No, I'm sorry Johnny. I know you're 11 but, unfortunately, you're a stumpy kid and need to go back to the booster seat!" However, this would be a good test to find out just how many swear words your children actually know.

Plus, I know of a few of adults who are hovering right around that magic height. How will they react? Danny DeVito is listed at 4 feet, 10 inches, but, quite frankly, I think someone's fudging an inch or two to stay out of a Britax Roadster Booster Seat, or similar model. (Scroll down this page to check out the leopard skin version!)


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