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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

That's a Spicey meatball!!!!!

While perusing the Yahoo entertainment section looking for cannon fodder I found this item concerning the Spice Girls and the Live 8 concert. It seems that "Scary Spice" or as her friends know here "Mel B", or as her school chums knew here Melanie Brown, is wary of a reunion with her old bandmates and may not participate in the show. While this would, of course, be a tragedy of epic proportions maybe even rivaling Tina Louise skipping out on Rescue from Gilligan's Island, we figure that it may rank a little lower. Certainly she can be replaced by another spice, perhaps nutmeg or saffron could do the job. Seriously, we want to help out Bob and Live 8 as much as possible so we are preparing another list of candidates.

Old Spice - perhaps Barbra Streisand or Cher could join? hmmm?

Curry Spice - I'm sure there is a large contingent of Indian Bollywood performers ready to help out.

Spice Channel - There must be an adult film star out there that can at least carry a tune, Geri Halliwell must know someone.

Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice - maybe Lindsay Lohan????

Spice of Life - Variety can put out the interview call for a new Spice Girl.

Spicey Meatball - anyone know what Tony Danza is up to?

Earl, Juan, or Zimpter... got any other ideas?


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