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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Speaking of obsessed...

Juan Carlos, your fascination for all things DeVito never ceases to amaze. From your singleminded, Quixotic quest to film the life story of the 4' 10" (wink) mini-mega-star, to your investigation into his purported affiliation with those freaky breathalizer cultists on the website you said you wouldn't link to.

Also, what's with the font change, in the middle of the article? Have the breathytarians taken hold of your astral form, ethereal self, or whatever they call it when the drugs start to take effect? You know we have strict standards here. It's either the standard font, Comic Book Sans, or Giant Feral Cat Excelsior Bold. No, I have not discovered a DeVito Arial yet, though I'll keep looking (HA!)

Move on my friend. If you have to, pull away from this DeVito mania slowly. Rhea Perlman is worth at least a dozen articles or so.


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