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Thursday, September 15, 2005

No joy in Mudstadt :(

According to the German Ministry for Apathetic Angst there will be no smiling in passport photos from here on. Actually, some pinhead German government official is advising those getting passport photos to use a "neutral face" so that face recognition software being used on their security cameras can recognize them. Sounds strange to begin with but are we to believe if some terrorist comes running through flashing a wide-toothed grin he can beat the system. What if he decides to dress as Bozo the Clown and.... oh yeah, I forgot about THAT image, never mind.

A few people have already gotten passports and we have some of the first proofs to give you a feeling for how it's going.

Dortmund Mueller

Werner Stuffleheimer

Klaus Tinklespitz

Heinz Glockenspiel

Johann Schwarz

I got to thinking about it and neutral facial expressions are about all I ever see on German people, Helmut Kohl excluded of course.


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