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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Today's Theme...Going Green

Strangely enough I seem to have had a similar dream to that of my colleague Stew's. I remember the cast was the same as well, except that Tom Cruise appeared as Arnold the Pig.

Unfortunately, the only other thing I can remember is the theme song:

Green Acres
as dreamt by Earl Fando (right after the dream where Lindsey Lohan turned into Carmen Miranda and went waterskiing with Johnny Weismuller in space.)

Green Acres is the place to be
Wood chippin' is the life for me
Papers spreading out, from roof to pool
Keep Manhattan, just give me that redneck drool.

New York is where I'd rather go
I get withdrawals baking blow
I just adore a cafe' latte'
Darling, I love you, but I want Starbucks today.

The Bugs!
Shag Rugs!
The Shakes!

You are my spouse.
Goodbye swank townhouse.

Green Acres, we are there!


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