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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Thetan lawyers on the offensive!!!!

I found this article today concerning the website “ScienTOMogy” and how the Church of Scientology is flexing their legal muscles to shut it down. Now, rarely do we promote other websites here but I checked out ScienTOMogy.info and found it had some humorous value despite a bit of colorful language, although they do seem rather overt in their strident anti-Scientologyness. (Did that make sense? Blah, Blah, overt blah strident blah, oh nevermind) We at DOUI must however take umbrage with those loons over at the Scientology Institute or whatever they call themselves. As many of our readers are aware we rarely take umbrage, except as part of a fiber-rich diet, but this was a case that demanded immediately taking it. (I'm sorry, I've been told that what we normally take is in fact ruffage, so please just ignore that last sentence.) Indeed, we are pissed off that these self-absorbed clowns are attacking a perfectly innocent parody site.

In the vein of aforementioned parody, I also got to thinking about what other outlets crazy Tom might exploit to get people into the "Scientology" state of mind.

Children’s books maybe…

The Xenu That Stole Christmas

Every Thetan
Down in Thetan-ville
Liked Christmas a lot.
But Xenu,
Down in Teegeeack,
Did not!

Perhaps through song…

By L. Ron Hubbard

He’s auditing neu-ral-feedback
Warnings on Ritalin and crack
Only L. Ron had the knack.
It's witchcraft

And Tom’s got no defense for it
He’s done the research bits on it,
What good would common sense for it do'

Cause it's witchcraft, wicked witchcraft
And although, Thetan level 15, is strictly taboo...

Maybe he could bring back the Burma Shave signs


I will personally be lending the support of F. Johnny Lee to the "ScienTOMolgists" without further delay.


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