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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Bet he/she has real problems finding a suitable lavatory...

I stumbled across this amazing photo of the world's only half-man, half woman championship skater with two fully operational bodies. Apparently the bodies share the same head, making them technically one individual, who just happens to be named Chris.

Amazing stuff, but it does raise certain questions, especially since the bodies face in opposite directions. How does Chris sit down for instance? Does he or she just stand on the Tube? Who gets the mirror first? Can the head swivel around 360 degrees or does one of the bodies spend all the time walking backwards? How does Chris manage the triple axle? Does Chris compete in the men's division, the female, or is there a completely separate division for people with this unique condition? Tying the laces on the skates must be sheer agony.

Posers all, but still a fascinating individual, who as you can see, can do a headstand with both feet on the ground.


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