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Monday, December 12, 2005

Worried Wikipedia

Stew, I think I know the reason your post was cancelled. Apparently Wikipedia has had some problem with untrustworthy posters of content. I wonder if the guy in the article did your post, also? I'm sure he didn't, as you were not accused of killing Kennedy or anything so serious that Wikipedia editors would have missed it as completely as they did this one.

In fact, I did find a few things to be highly inaccurate in your listing. For example, the listing said that you picked up sailors, but forgot to mention that it was only female sailors, as you are dead butch. Also, they left out your obsession with chainsaw ice-sculpting and para-sailboarding (and at the same time...very unique and tricky. I've sawed the mast off of many a para-sailboard trying to emulate you.)

Actually, we all know that you are happily married to Mrs. Miller (No, not Julie Christie) and have never picked up a sailor in your life, except for that time you threw that Swedish merchant seaman threw the plate glass window of a pub in Burma for calling you a "kamrat". Little did we know at the time that was Swedish for "friend." He was nice about it though, once he got out of intensive care, the lawsuit was settled, and he was able to speak again.

Perhaps we'll get some real articles on Wikipedia that Dibarri will find acceptable, when he or she is not busy overlooking fake articles linking innocent public officials to the Kennedy Assassination, or people posting photos of George Bush or Howard Dean in compromising positions with non-female sailors who may be Swedish or Danish, although I can't really tell in those types of appalling pictures.


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