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Monday, February 13, 2006

Haven't these people ever read the Book of Revelation?

CityWatcher.com implants two chips into the arms of employees. One of the persons having a chip implant was the chief executive of the company, Sean "Mephistopheles" Darks.

"I'm not going to ask somebody to do something I wouldn't do myself," Darks hissed, in-between belching flames and brimstone at the company's corporate headquarters in a particularly hellish part of Cinncinatti, Ohio.

It'll be foreheads and hands according to the Good Book next, and that's no joke. The real joke is that there'll be some executive on the Judgement Day complaining, "It seemed like such a good, practical idea. How was I to know it was the Sign of the Beast? Why didn't someone sent me a memo?!"

Well, technically, they did.


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