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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Earl Fando is Tom Baker...

Or so says the "What Dr. Who Are You?" Quiz. My penchant for scarves and invective must have been the clinchers. My hair gets a bit who-ish when long as well. Mrs. Fando still refers to my "having an afro" when she first met me. Before I forget, my mother-in-law also happens to own a TARDIS, but it's not very impressive as a time machine.

I predict the following:

  • Stew is the Fifth Doctor (Peter Davison) based on the fact that he is tall, frequently wears trainers, and also wears a sprig of celery (albeit not on his lapel...enough said!)
  • Nuffy is the Second Doctor (Patrick Troughton) in that he played a character that was killed by Damien in the Omen II as well. You have to look really, really fast. Or, they might have cut that out. I can't remember. Also, he plays the recorder... the tape recorder.
  • Zimpter is the Eighth Doctor (Paul McCann) in that he was here a very short time and then vanished.
  • Jorge Carlito Viejo is the Seventh Doctor (Sylvester McCoy) in that he is vaguely Latin... I mean Scottish. Actually Sylvester McCoy is very Scottish. It can't be helped, you know.

Allow me to correct a typo above. My mother-in-law in fact owns a Ford TAURUS. That does explain why it looks like a car.


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