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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Mystery of the Castrati...

...may soon be revealed as Italian scientists have exhumed the body of the legendary Farinelli, that most famous of Italian castrati. The scientists wanted to study Farinelli's body to learn more about what created the high, powerful, yet eerie voice of these sought after singers.

They could have discovered all this if they'd read Farinelli's autobiography, where on page 37 it clearly says, "Stavo camminando a casa dalla scuola quando ero undici ed ho ottenuto il funzionamento sopra in vagone della pasta e gli ha preso le mie polpette con! Da allora, canto come una donna grande con gas. Quello ed io ritengono come la torretta di inclinzione di Piza, dopo che cada sopra!"

Which translates as:

"I was walking home from school when I was eleven and I got run over by a pasta wagon and it took my meatballs with it! Ever since then, I sing like a big woman with gas. That, and I feel like the leaning tower of Piza, after she fall over!."

So, the real mystery is whether these Italian scientists are idiots, mental, or simply have a thing for musically-inclined dead eunuchs?


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