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Thursday, December 21, 2006

DOUI Wins Blog of the Day!

The Dictionary of Unfortunate Ideas has won Blog of the Day for yesterday, December 21, 2006, a day which shall live in infamy, at least as far as "anonymous.aa8c69b126" is concerned. For us, it's turned out to be a lovely day, indeed. Christmas has come early.

Our thanks to Bill and Kathee Austin and the folks at Blog of the Day Awards for the honour, and for the daily work they do in recognising the rest of us bloggers!

Also, Bill passed along the URL of an amusing site called whereisbasil.com. As I (and Stew) have a soft spot for all things Cleese, I couldn't resist mentioning it to you lot. It's all about the interesting adventures of a globetrotting donkey who delivers copies of Fawlty Towers to people. (Clever donkey!) So, rather like Bresson's Au Hasard Balthazar, only with Cleese and without any of the depressing bits.


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