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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

You too can fondle an Oscar?

...That could very well be the tag line for a creative exhibit where everyday, average, non-big-shot-film-star people get to see and even hold Oscars.

Of course, the biggest security risk at such an event is not just that someone will pinch an Oscar (as in "steal") but that someone will "pinch" an Oscar (as in improperly touch Oscar's "sword.")

I expect we'll even see the bird from the Celebrity Cruise line adverts giving yet another acceptance speech. Still, what does Oscar himself think about all this?

Oscar: I think it's just another example of how Hollywood has sexually exploited me. First, I they don't give me any clothes. It's frickin cold when you're naked, even in L.A. Plus, this sword doesn't offer any protection. How would you like a cold, metal, loincloth. Not to mention, it's a sharp as a razor. Now, on top of that, anybody can handle me for free. I mean it's all right when Julia Roberts or Halle Berry picks me up, but there are a lot more people out there who resemble Michael Moore.

Of course, they've limited the exhibition to New York and Hollywood, so the vast majority of participants will be actors anyway...mostly people sizing it up for their mantlepiece, should they get lucky. (No, I didn't mean it like that.)

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