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Monday, February 19, 2007

Live Oscar Blog!

This Sunday, an event of massive importance for film lovers of all kinds is happening. That's right, The Dictionary of Unfortunate Ideas wil be conducting our 3rd Annual Live Blog of the Academy Awards ceremony!

The Oscars just wouldn't be the same without someone sitting around online making cruel and merciless fun of the whole ridiculous spectacle, and for the third year running, DOUI is that somebody! (Joan Rivers does it in person, but we'll make fun of her as well. Sorry, Joan.)

Be sure to tune into ABC on Sunday and at the same time browse to this site (http://unfortunateideas.blogspot.com in case you've forgotten already) to enjoy the epic, garish, petulant, politically clumsy, Beyonce-laden, tear-fest that marks America's annual celebration of the film industry. The posts will fly like Jack Nicholson's golf clubs, and with the same venomous accuracy!

Now, if we could only figure out a way to get into Puck's party afterwards...

[For a view of the The 2006 Oscar Live Blog, click on the link and scroll down.]

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