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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Technical Difficulties

After months of ignoring the Blogger Beta, and All, New Blogger links, Blogger has finally taken the strategem of their Communist Chinese (Google) masters and forced New Blogger on us.

Consequently, the blog has been messed about with, which is why my profile is splashed about the front. I've e-mailed Blogger (and yes, it is "e-mail" not the incorrect "email" that has become the hip, iconoclastic, and grammatically baboonish fashion for spelling the word) and we'll see if anyone responds.

I had two lovely ideas for posts, and I really need to get to the Best of 2006 post as well. There you have it. Blogger has followed the Microsoft model: "Screw up what works. Add gloss to what doesn't."

Yes, I already hate the bloody new Blogger. Can you tell?

Update: Apparently all of our contributors will have to change over to the new Blogger to be recognized on the blog. This kind of product brilliance is what sunk OS2. Nuffy, Jorge, Zimpter, and Linus, you have been duly warned. Please change over. A post or two would be nice as well.


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