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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Overlooked again.

Speaking of awards, Stew, once again we were overlooked in an annual awards contest. No, I'm not referring to the Oscars, as Jorge Carlito Viejo is up for a technical for his unique combination of film set catering and cinematography (I'm not allowed to give it away, but think empenadas con mole and Steadicams.) No, I'm referring to the 2007 Bloggies.

Alas, we came up short in the humour category, falling to a gossip site, a fashion site, the site of a world famous cartoonist, a site about overheard conversations, and a tech site. This has led me to the conclusion that we need to make the following changes should we ever wish to win one of these (with all bloody due respect) popularity awards:

  • Redesign the site so that the graphics are extremely pretty, instead of the archaic, old-school, off-template, yet beloved graphics we have now.
  • Drop a half-dozen f-bombs every other post.
  • Develop a world famous comic strip...THEN start the blog.
  • Change our names to match those of celebrity females (Lindsey Hilary? Ritchie Cameron?)
  • Discuss the ridiculous attire of said celebrites in graphic and unkind detail (more regularly than we do).
  • Drop words like "bandwidth bottlenecks," "asynchronous packet transfer," and "hydroponic quadronic quantum irridium processor malfunction" into the text.
  • Beg for more votes.


Except for perhaps the first one. I see something with lots of rocket ships and skimpily-dressed actresses.


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