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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Success in the, how you say, Life

Hello. How you going to say, I am the success in life. Yes, for many long times did I be sitting and thinks to myself, Jorge Carlito, como puedes be the success in life, mi hermoso? I ask myself this question, many time, and the answer is swirling past the head which is mine many times before I reach out my hand, como la mano de los cielos, and I grab with the, how you going to say, forceful determination this answer. What is the answer, are you probably should be wondering, what is the answer to how Jorge Carlito Viejo going to be the success in life.

Hollywood is the answer, of course, as it always is for most of the people what have ever lived upon the face of the earth. When the childrens of any nation at any time are ask unto themselves, "How can I be the success," they must with inevitability respond, "By succeed in the Hollywood." This is what I do.

If you have the strange fortune to be reading this blog for many of the year, you will remember that I was, how you can say, attempt to make the movie screenplay before and met with the what you call utter lack of success. How can i make the success this time? Well, well, I am so perfectly content with the warm brown pants on the legs that you ask this question. Jorge Carlito have the secret. You see I sign up for and attend something called "Screenwriter's Intensive Immersion Course" led by none other than Bart Wuhold (screenwriter of movies "Baby's Last Bullet," "Several Hats," and Golden Globe nominated for Make-Up film "Women who Became Horses"). In seven months, we learn so much about screenwriting, we have the golden destiny now to become the money pit swimming success in Hollywood.

So stayed tuned for masterpieces to flow like the wine that drips off the sweaty gut of Bacchus. I will be the success in Hollywood. Danny Devito, you will pay for what you did to me in the, how you going to say, lawsuit.


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