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Thursday, February 01, 2007

I think it'll play well in Little Havana.

Deep-voiced Announcer guy:

From the people who brought you Little Man and the epic Indian saga The Last of the Moesha's comes a story of unbridled love between a dictator and... well another dictator. He's going to get by, with a little help from his friends.

Weekend at Fidel's

cue Sanford and Son music

Starring Fidel Castro as a dictator who just wanted to be loved and step on the throats of those who would cross him. Fidel's not going down easy, that's for sucka's, and Fidel don't play dat.

And making his debut performance as the loveable scamp Hugo is Hugo Chavez in a role that was made for him. A two-bit thug of a dictator with the intelligence of a marmot and the heart of a slug. He's going to help his totalitarian buddy out, one step at a time.

Jonathon Silverman is back as Richard Parker the pasty white comic relief. Will it be a forced labor camp or rolling Cuban cigars for poor Richard? You'll have to see the movie to find out although we can tell you that it's the forced labor camp.

Variety says:
"A tour du force performance by the semi-ambulatory body of Fidel Castro. We wept, we laughed, we wet ourselves... well Army Archerd did but that has nothing to do with the movie."

"We lit a stogie in honor of the demise of the man who holds our cigars hostage, except the ones we illegally import."- Cigar Aficionado

"You will die for this outrage you capitalist swine." - Dictator's World and Jackbooted Thug Weekly

"Antonio Banderas' turn as the cute and cuddly Elian Gonzanles was quite simply hot." - Tiger Beat

"If you only see one movie this year, you're most likely a recluse who should socialize more. Make this the year that you break out of that shell." - Dr. Phil


Fidel's the life of the Party... the Communist Party that is. Propping up a dictatorship was never this easy.

Coming to a theater near you this spring or summer. He can't last forever.


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