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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Catching up on business

Many of our regular readers, both of them in fact, may have noticed that we've not got to our 2nd Annual "Best of" post yet. It's not for lack of trying. Indeed, I have spent a number of evenings recently slogging... I mean reminiscing through the posts of the last year. It should be up soon, just as soon as I can start holding down my food whilst reading it.

Also, don't forget that Oscars are coming soon and that means DOUI's Annual Live Oscar Blog. Stew and I carried the load last year and we're going to see if Nuffy, Linus, and Zimpter are up to the challenge of joining us this year. I've been weight training assiduously in preparation for the event (and no, the word doesn't mean that I'm trying to firm up my ass.)

Suffice to say, this post won't be in the "Best of" next year.


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