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Monday, April 23, 2007

The Queen Is A Gooner!...

...So says the News Blog of Times Online, confirming the message previously delivered by one of the best known Arsenal web sites, ArseWeb. HM joins numerous other celebrity Gooners, including her mum, the dear departed Queen Mum (apparently a huge Dennis Compton fan), her grandson HRH Prince Harry, Dido, Queen drummer (appropriately) Roger Taylor, Ray Davies, Roger Daltrey, Colin Firth, Jane Horrocks, Stephen Rea, Emily Watson, Emily Lloyd, David Soul, Gillian Anderson, Kevin Costner (all right, this more than makes up for the accent in Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves), Sarah Michelle Gellar, Freddie Prinze Jnr., Wil Wheaton, Alan Davies, and Joan Collins (since the founding of the club would be my guess... I kid you Joanie! Glad to count you in!), amongst many others.

Oh, all right, apparently Osama Bin Laden, John Gotti, and Fidel Castro are also on the list of likely supporters. You can't have everything. That does explain Fidel's health this past season. Most Arsenal fans are feeling a bit dicky these days given the season the club has had.
Also, the site says that Gotti regularly received the Arsenal supporters' newsletter. Perhaps he just thought it might be a good source for weapons information.

Fortunately, Bin Laden is banned from the Emirates by the club. Alas, as I live thousands of miles away from Ashburton Grove, I'm about as likely to get to a match myself. At least I won't get beaten to a pulp if I show up.

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