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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Dora Jumps the Shark

Following up on the Dora the Explorer post a few days (weeks? months?) ago... for some strange reason, the show was on the other morning at home, and believe it or not, Dora actually jumped a shark in a boat.

No, I'm not just having a laugh. She jumped the thing in her little cartoon boat. Her pet orangutan Bosephus (or "Boots" for short) was along for the ride.

This may be the first time a show's creators recognized that their own product had reached the point of no return, downwardly spiralling into a core of wasted and useless repetitiveness. The writers literally had Dora jump the shark. At least when Fonzie did it, they thought at the time that it was clever.*

However, Dora then blew up the shark into chum with a torpedo, so there's hope for the loud** little tyke yet.

* They were wrong, of course.
** I'm not kidding. She may be Billy Mays child.

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