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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Excremando and George Takei, the True Hollywood Story

Sadly, our good friend Earl Excremando is trying to whitewash the past yet again. As much as I admire this man, I am continually startled at his insistence on insisting that he didn't do the various things I attribute to him.

Case in point! George Reginald Takei, classicly trained actor, proud Japanese-American survivor of internment camps, male model, underwear salesman, and Olympic bronze medalist for the sport of Pantsless Potato Farming.

Earl Excremando has a long, troubled and turgid history with Mr. Takei. Strictly a professional relationship, mind you, but one pock-marked with arguments, tantrums, a couple of stabbings, even a strange incident involving a bourbon-soaked William Shatner at the Brown Derby. Now, Earl Excremando will deny this association, but proof has been floating around the internet for nigh on a quarter of a dwarf-day. In one such video, Excremando (blue jumpsuit) can be seen to provoke a sloshed Mr. Takei into a sword fight.

How can you possibly deny this incident, Mr. Fando, when we have video proof of it right here on your very own blog? Admit it, you provoked George Takei many dozens of times over the course of a long and troubled Hollywood career. You drove him to madness, to pills, and into the seedy life of a radio announcer. Doesn't he at least deserve an apology, a handshake, and a choice quote or two for the media? Doesn't he at least deserve the level of respect you reserve for such luminaries as Fredegar "Fatty" Bolger, Joan Rivers, and Cranston Sticklyworth of the television programme "Mustardy Green's Sideways Show" on BBC 3?


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