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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Twittering Away about Crappy Pub Names

So, as I mentioned before, I'm an official twit now. (Those so inclined can follow me @earlfando.)

Twitter has a section called featured topics and one of the communal activities among my fellow twits* is to repeatedly tweet about one of these topics. One of the big ones today is #crapnamesforpubs. I'm not sure what the # sign is for. Maybe Fred Flintstone-style cursing?

Anyway, this sort of thing is right up my street and I dashed off a few suggestions, which are reprinted below.

  • Ye Olde Soiled Knickers
  • The Lark's Vomit (yes, I was thinking of the Crunchy Frog sketch)
  • Benji's Hideaway
  • Ashton and Demi's Billiards Wondereland (sic)
  • The Rotten Frankfurter
  • Ye Olde Shallow Grave

And, just for the halibut, here are several more I didn't have time to send. I may tweet a few of these, as the topic is still active.

  • Peel Out Brews
  • Gum on the Bottom of Your Shoe
  • Ye Olde Saucy Grandma
  • The Stinking Corpse Flower
  • Oprah's On!
  • The Gingivitis
  • Ye Olde Raging Herpes
  • Cantilevered Ball Bearings
  • Lower the Tungsten Orb (I must admit, this is an oldy Stew or Linus came up with. It was very briefly considered as a name for this blog. Come to think of it, I'd go to a pub with that name...)
  • The Gimpy Centipede
  • Slabs of Sweetbreads
  • Katie Couric's House of Pain
  • Kumquats Galore!
  • No Alcohol Served Here
* I use the term with great affection.

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