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Sunday, March 07, 2010


Up just won the award for best really sad movie about everyone who died and the old man who was alone forever. It deserved it. It really did. I watched that movie, and when everyone died on that poor old man, and he went to court, my heart sailed up to the lonely clouds, turned into rain, and fell into the ocean forever. It was that sad. At least this award will comfort the old man as he flies his zeppelin to the ends of the earth.

Jack Nicholson, oh my crap and butter. They just cut to a medium shot of Jack, and he is not happy that Up won. Seething. He's got a big ole vein popping out on his neck and forehead and upper lip. I'll bet he punches someone right in their stupid dumb mouth before the show is over.

In other news, Boy George is loudly (and I mean loudly!) eating a bowl of nachos. For Carl's sake, Boy, your jalapeno breath and the cheese stains on your fingers are the worst. I can't even pay attention to Anne Hathaway's luxuriant hair and face with all of your stains and smells. I need to change seats ASAP. Li'l Bo Bradley (rap star turned actor) just got up from his seat on the ninth row. Think I'll sneak down and snag the seat.

Be right back, Blog Buddies.

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