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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

BBC Debate on China - highlights

David Dimbleby: Hello I'm David Dimbleby and welcome to tonight's BBC debate on China. Here in our BBC 18 Studios in Shanghai, we have with us 3 guest panelists: Mr. ChangWarKong, the owner of the Jade Palace, Shanghai's most well known Szechuhan restaurant.

ChangWarKong: Nihao.

David Dimbleby: Ms. MaoTseKungPao, the head chef at Alfredo's, the leading Hunan restaurant in Bejing.

Mao TseKungPao: Nihao.

David Dimbleby: ...and Kofi Annan, Secretary General of the United Nations.

Kofi Annan: Nihao, whatever that means.

David Dimbleby: I'd just like to open the questions with one for Mr. Chang WarKong. How do you feel about the criticisms levelled at China's application of the "two systems, one China" policy in Hong Kong, and especially in regards to political rights for dissidents?

Chang WarKong: (shrugs shoulders as if he doesn't understand)

David Dimbleby: Secretary Annan, your response?

Kofi Annan: Let me just say that I absolutely love the Mongolian Grill at Mr. WarKong's place. Also, at no time did my son take kickbacks from Mr. WarKong in exchange for a better table and free shrimp toast.

David Dimbleby: (to camera) ...and so on, and so on. (apologies to the Pythons...but this bit was getting long and pointless.)


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