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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Is that florid or flouride, I feel like brushing myself.

Earl, while I feel your Martha post was top notch, especially after my gruesome one earlier in the day; it was the Halloween costumes that caught my eye. It is interesting to me how the models show such aplomb and glee in displaying these unattractive costumes. So, with your leave, I present “Repelling Halloween Costumes II”.

Andy Warhol reject.
These guys seem to be enjoying this too much.
That’s actually his real hair.
Some joke about touching buns would be appropriate here.
I call this one “Memories of Bubba”.
“O, what a rogue and peasant pepper am I…”
Now is this a lobster or a crab, MAKE UP YOUR MINDS.
“If I only had a brain”, I know the Lion wanted courage but look at the guy.
Whatever happened to Apartheid, now we know.
Right on brother, somehow this doesn’t have the effect of the 1968 Olympics.
Don’t ask to see this guy’s rocket.
Arabia’s first man on the moon, Muhammad Armstrong.
What are you supposed to be, let me guess, a British rock star. (Where’s he got that tie?)
It was either a mannequin or use this guy.
Eminem's new album "Jack up that Ass...cot".

I invite all readers to visit this site and make your own jokes, it is good for your health. Except when you see this one, it may warp you for life.


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