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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Poetry with a TANG!

I had no idea the Chinese loved TANG so much! Apparently they've written over 300 poems celebrating the sweet and sour orange goodness that is the powdered ambrosia of America's Super-Spacemen. I guess, since they're getting into the space business, they've decided to go all out.

My Mandarin is extremely rusty, but I've managed to translate one of the poems:

Here, south of the Yangzi, grows red orange TANG.
All winter long its powder is green,
Not because of a delay in countdown,
But because the astronauts wanted to try a lime flavor.
Though you might serve it to your honourable guests,
You leave it here, far below rocket and launch pad.
And because it blisters the tongue.
Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong are in an infinite cycle of pain.
They forgot to mix it with water and ate it like candy,
The roofs of their mouths are like a painful orange ceiling.


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