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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Celebrity Mugshots

Over at CBSNews.com, also known as the Kenneth Broadcasting Service, they've got a lovely assortment of celebrity mugshots here.

Before you look them over, allow me to offer a quick description of each shot, just to whet your appetite.

1. Leo DiCaprio if he were a stoner.
2. Martha Stewart, if she'd done really hard time.
3. Soon he'll get all Crispin Glover's old roles....kind of a young Unibomber look.
4. Every other FBI Most Wanted photo I've ever seen.
5. Make up your own Buckwheat joke here.
6. He looks like he accidentally sat on one of his rhinestone spurs.
7. The Rainbow Wig guy has really let himself go.
8. Nuryev, Valentino, Downey!
9. Tommy Lee. Not really much of a change at all.
10. Bobby Brady, what have you been up to?!?
11. OK, now turn to the right and knock off that chicken-walking crap!
12. Proof that the Roswell conspiracy people were absolutely right.
13. The Doug Henning disguise didn't work.
14. Right after his failed "West Side Story" audition.
15. Remembering his roommate is Cato...
16. Somewhere, Mr. Blackwell is having a coronary.
17. I'm just very glad we don't have the naked, bongo-playing photo here.
18. If only he photographed this well normally...
19. She's hacked that in the second photo they made her keep her hand down.


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